About Solana BAStards;

Solana Bastards is a RPG style play to earn NFT game! The game will provide weekly map contests, tasks that you can earn $GANG token, fun and high quality gameplay and much more! To learn more about our game, keep scrolling! Also with staking and passive income benefits we are aiming to be the most community focused project on Solana Ecosystem. For making it possible we want our community to be active on our project so can develop it all together. So what are you waiting for to join us! 


There will be total of 2,500 randomly generated Bastards living on Saints City. Rarity ranks will appear on our website right after the mint. Price per Solana Bastard will
be 0.49SOl each! But if you have whitelist spot, 0.35Sol will be sufficient to mint!

Minting Begins

May 20 2022 5PM GMT

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Total Bastards


Price Per Bastard

0.49 SOL
(WL price is 0.35 SOL)

Minting is soon. Get social with us!

Solana Bastards Roadmap

This is the Solana Bastards team to do list! We believe that the most important aspect of an NFT project is the community, so we are focused on that on our roadmap. We are aspired to make the best possible NFT project!

PHASE 1; Pre-mint

-Launching website, Twitter and Discord.
-Sneak Peak of our Bastards.
-Community giveaways, competitions for OG role and other prizes such as Solana, Free Nft’s, Whitelist Spots and more!
-Forming strategic partnerships for the future!

PHASE 2; Mint

-2,500 Solana Bastards willl be minted on Solana Blockchain!
-Listing on secondary markets immediately!
-Rarity ranks page will be on our site!
-Huge giveaways for the mint!

PHASE 3; After Mint

-Launching our Dao within a week of mint.
-Creating our SPL token which will be used in our game and for staking!
-Launching $GANG token!
-Passive and massive income with $GANG Token!
-$GANG token will be airdropped to our NFT holders!
-Breeding your bastards for a free gen2 NFT!
-Partnerships with other projects!

PHASE 4; Game

-Using our royalties to develop our game !
-Free in game items will be given to our NFT holders!
-Metaverse parties in our game!
-Details about the game will be announced on our Twitter and Discord!


Solana Bastards is a RPG play to earn game with a huge delightful

map, called Saints City. There will be 3 gangs and you will be able to join
which one you want. Main goal is to fight each other and obtain zones
in Saints City!

Game will provide;

-Gang wars and battles that you can earn $GANG token.
-Weekly Map contests for gangs.
-Stake and play mechanic 
-In game Casino.
-Fun and high quality gameplay with a thrilling lore.

$GANG Token

$GANG is the SPL token of Solana Bastards NFT's.

As we mentioned in phase 3, $GANG token will be used for passive income and staking! After mint we will move some of our mint earnings to the liquidity pool and 100% of Royalties will be used for burning tokens, which will increase the value of token. 

Also you will be able to use $GANG token in our game! You will be able to purchase items and territories on Saints City! And you can use $GANG at Saints City Casino, and gamble!

We will announce more about $GANG!
Stay tuned.

-In game Casino (playable with Sol and $GANG).

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Frequently Asked Questions


Minting will begin on 20/05/22 on 5PM GMT!

What is the total supply?

There will be total of 2,500 Bastards!

which Solana wallets can ı use for mıntıng?

You can use Phantom, Ledger, SolFlare, Sollet, Slope, and Torus. To learn more about wallets, click here!

what is the minting costs?

Each Bastard will cost you 0.49 SOL to mint. If you have whitelist spot, 0.35 SOL will be sufficient to mint!

Where can ı learn more about the game?

We will announce more on Twitter and Medium!